Richard Champion ‘The Animal Chap’ has a broad and extensive range of experience in the animal industry. Having previously worked in Zoos and animal centres in the UK, set up and run a zoo in the UK, and has developed training courses in zoo management and wildlife conservation. Worked extensively in Africa on wildlife conservation, pest control and zoo work. A wide range of species knowledge has allowed Richard to work with many areas of the industry including wildlife rescue, animal rehabilitation, animal behaviour, the pet industry and zoos and more. The scope of his work includes designing zoos and animal centres, to individual animal care and welfare, Zoo inspection planning, Health & safety in the animal setting, animal training among others.


His theme and motivations for the company is ‘Animals are why we exist’ and

‘If you have an animal problem – its my problem’

Through his experiences he can deliver a range of services and has a pool of other experienced staff and experts to call upon- and no job is too small or too large. Richard has dealt with building a zoo to household pet problems.

Richard says ‘despite my great experiences and knowledge, with animals and people, I am still learning, and when someone turns up with an injured animal at my door, or asks me to help build a zoo in Africa, I just say right lets get started’

Conference and public speaking

Richard is an accomplished speaker and specializes in a range of subjects including, ‘A Zoo in Africa?’, Zoo enclosure & design,  ’how I built a zoo’ Wildlife conservation, Africa and its wildlife, Animal welfare, Animal Behaviour, animal rescue among others.

He has spoken at a number of conferences and events including ‘the rhino mayday event’, Universities, The National Geographic, colleges and schools.

TV & Radio

Through Richard’s experiences he has appeared on a number of TV and radio  programmes and series including ‘Animal Arrival’s on Animal Planet, BBC news, BBC regional programmes, the Jeremy vine show, and many more. He has provided answers to animal issues of the day, to delivering practical help and guidance.


Richard is busy writing a book of his animal experiences at the moment, focusing on his travels in africa, but has also has appeared in print for local and national newspapers including more focused animal publications like the Mammal society, Cage and Aviary,  


There are a large number of organisations that Richard has been involved with either through work, voluntary, support and guidance or fundraising these include:



Born free

The zoo forum


Save the Rhino

Zoolical society of London

Pets at home

Internati0nal Rhino foundation

African conservation experience

Many zoos in UK and abroad

Landbased colleges

Japanese animal college

Bamako zoo


The dogs trust

Reptile rescue

Bear rescue

If you have an animal problem – its my problem

Richard Champion 2010

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