Kids Animal Fun



One rainy day puddle the piglet was walking across the muddy field. As  he was  walking he met his 

friends  toffee  the  pony and  Katie  the kitten    who   were  playing   catch   the birds  what   was  a  

really  good  game.

Puddle   would   normally   ask if   he   could   play   but he   just   carried on   walking.

And     it   happened with Digger the dog   and Dilly the duck.

But puddle just ignored them. When puddle got to the end of the field he saw his friends that he

had ignored. Hey guys puddle said cheerfully hi his friends replied. Can I play with you puddle said.

Oh sorry but you can’t replied his friends meanly.  So puddle went home and then he looked in the

mirror ‘oh no’ said puddle lost my smile. The farmer who owned the farm over heard puddle

from inside the farm house. What is going on said Katie the kitten, I don’t know said dilly the duck,

oh guys of course it is puddle shouted digger the dog, but puddle knew why he had lost his smile,

he had been so mean that he knew what he had done.  So he went back to his friends and said I

am so sorry I didn’t mean to be horrible and guess what they forgave him and that was the end.





The Hare and the Tortoise – the alternative version

The Rhino and the Cheetah by William Ray Champion

The Rhino and the Cheetah wanted to have a race and they told lots of different animals so that they could watch the race. The Rhino and cheetah would start the race in Mali and finish in Burkina Faso and the winner would get a year’s supply of food, the rhino would get acacia bushes and the cheetah would get a year’s supply of meat. They started the race and the cheetah went so fast no one even saw him, while the rhino went plodding along as quickly as he could go. The cheetah was nearly at the finish line , while the rhino was nearly 10 miles or 16.934 Km’s behind. The cheetah needed a rest, because cheetahs only run in short bursts of speed. While the cheetah was sleeping the rhino caught up and then passed the cheetah, and was nearly at the finish line, when the cheetah woke up, the rhino was right on the line, when the cheetah ran so fast he almost caught the rhino, but as he started to pass the rhino, he looked at the rhino with a big smile, but at the same time did not see the tree in front of him – bang!!!!!!, the rhino crossed the line , won the race and smiled at the cheetah.

The end




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